The Power of Money

Direct philanthropic change with your hard-earned dollars!


The Power of Money: Maximize Your Impact When Donating, Investing, and Spending Philanthropist is an exclusive course FOR doctors BY a doctor who has compiled extensive research and experience in philanthropy for a comprehensive guide to impactful giving and living. 

If you are a physician interested in making your hard-earned money work even harder for yourself and others, Dr. Recha Bergstrom is here to guide you in The Physician Philanthropist. This online course will provide you with tools and information that turns confusion into calm, interest into inspiration, and education into empowerment.

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The Power of Money course starts with creating a personal vision and mission statement...

Just like a solid corporation.

Dr. Bergstrom leads exercises that help you think through your values and interests for the foundation of your philanthropic giving plan. 

Developing an intentional philanthropy plan maximizes your potential impact, substantially benefiting yourself and others.

Training in The Power of Money course will ensure you know how to get those valuable tax credits as you selflessly give to others.

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In this comprehensive course, Dr. Bergstrom will:

Provide a deep dive into the various vehicles of giving, including values-based giving and impact investing.
  Guide you on evaluating charitable opportunities and avoiding fraudulent charities and misleading ratings.

 Step beyond your focus areas to develop your personal vision and mission statement to guide your philanthropic giving.

 Synthesize all of the information to help you create a full philanthropic portfolio as an extension of your full financial plan.

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Dr. Bergstrom knows exactly how complicated and confusing it can be to sort out philanthropic opportunities.

Especially when it comes to the busy and financially complex lives of doctors, and The Power of Money addresses this and she helps fellow physicians find their way to meaningful giving. 

Like you, she spends her days caring for patients but also caring for her family, neighbors, country, and world. She knows firsthand how important it is for you to be confident that the money you've worked so hard for is going back into the world to do more good. 

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Direct giving,


nonprofit vs. not-for-profit,


donor-advised funds,


impact investing…?


If these terms make your head spin, The Power of Money course will be your best friend.

Dr. Bergstrom’s lessons simplify these concepts to make them work for you, not against you. And if you’re in the 97% of people who don’t compare nonprofit organizations before deciding where to donate, Dr. Bergstrom is here to demystify the process of cutting through misleading info and help you accurately evaluate the best place for your money to go.

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As you get inundated with end-of-the-year donation requests and start to feel overwhelmed, helpless, or frustrated...

Look to The Power of Money to ensure you have a clear philanthropy plan and goals that can keep you calm, inspired, and empowered.


Feel calmer

Cut through confusion and learn how to discern misleading information and tax jargon. We'll calm the overwhelm and focus on what’s moving you to give. 


Feel inspired

Connect with your WHY so you feel moved to give to organizations that will make the whole process meaningful. 


Be empowered

Get the info you need to know about types of philanthropic organizations and the tax benefits of each. Discover critical background on comparison sites and evaluations so your hard-earned money is going where you desire, and you're reaping the benefits you deserve in the process.

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The Power of Money Course



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  • Lifetime access to this 4-week course.
  • A comprehensive walk-through of everything you need to know about charitable giving, tailored specifically for physicians
  • Access to an exclusive, members-only Facebook group
  • Step-by-step workbook to plan and execute your charitable giving.
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Meet Recha Bergstrom MD, radiologist and Founder of The Physician Philanthropist


I am a practicing radiologist in Northern California specializing in Women’s Imaging.

I'm founder of The Physician Philanthropist, providing education and coaching for physicians to develop effective philanthropy plans with the greatest personal, community, and worldwide impact.

A mom of three, I'm also a wife, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

My goal is to help physicians like you be the change you want to see in the world and feel empowered and inspired to learn many ways to live your values.