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Doctors Alliance for Women

At the Doctors Alliance for Women, we believe in the power of connection. Our collaborative giving group combines personal connection with strategic impact, uniting members in a powerful effort to support women and girls which, in turn, benefits everyone. The program launches in September 2024.

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Collaborative Giving Gives Back

Our Collaborative Giving Group is made of up physicians coming together to most effectively support a cause we care about: Advancing equity, opportunity and safety for women and girls. Together we can amplify our impact by pooling resources and expertise, and making thoughtful and strategic decisions together. Collective giving gives back by building connection & community, supporting inclusive decision making, and by providing an opportunity to build strong foundations.

Connection & Community

With our warm, welcoming online community and in-person meetings, members have an opportunity to connect and build meaningful friendships and networks. 

Inclusive Decision-Making

Charitable organizations are nominated by individual members and then voted on by the group, ensuring diverse perspectives and inclusivity.

Foundation Building

Local and informal gatherings hosted by fellow members are where ideas are sparked, friendships are made and lives are changed. Hosts initiate action and are therefore an important pillar of the program.

What Doctors are Saying

Alexandra Stockwell, MD

Going into the Doctors Alliance for Women meeting, I expected to feel aligned and collaborative, while learning from the other women physicians present, as we discussed the need for charitable giving and discussed organizations we might want to support. What I didn’t expect was the fun, the friendship, the humor, depth, and vulnerable humanity of everyone present and the lovely way we connected with one another.
After the meeting I felt buoyed by the collective impact we will have, while also enjoying how nourished my soul felt as a result of kinship and camaraderie that naturally developed with women I’d mostly never met before.

Women's issues need 
more funding

Underfunded Causes

Charities supporting women and girls receive only 1.8% of all charitable donations in the U.S.​

Slow Progress Towards Equity

 At the current rate, achieving gender equity will take significant time - for example, it will take 286 years to close gaps in global legal protection and remove discriminatory laws, and additional resources are needed to accelerate this progress​

Broad Benefits

Supporting women and girls leads to widespread benefits, including improved economic growth, health, and societal well-being.​ It is estimated that closing the gender gap could give the global economy a USD 7 trillion boost!


How does it work?


Free Initial Meetings: Attend your first meeting for free, with no obligations, to experience the giving circle. If there are no local in person meetings, you can join us in a virtual meeting.

Membership: An annual membership fee grants you access to our online community, as well as the opportunity to recommend organizations and vote on which ones to support.

Donations: Contributions are made to the Doctors Alliance for Women Fund and are tax-deductible. There is no minimum requirement – you can donate any amount, at any time, as every contribution counts.

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  • Immediate access to welcoming and powerful online community 
  • Ability to nominate charitable organizations that you would like to support - and amplify it!
  • In person and online meetings to make meaningful connections, grow your network and nourish friendships
  • Be involved in collaborative decision making to choose which organizations to support
  • Donate with the group and watch your impact multiply!
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Any amount


  • Know you want to support the work but don't have the bandwidth for meetings?
  • Anyone can make a tax deductible* donation without joining the group 
  • Any donations made into the Doctors Alliance for Women fund will be directed to charitable organizations chosen by the members of the group




Frequently Asked Questions

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