Your money is a powerful tool—and the most effective way to make change in the world.


Learn how to use the power of your money with Impact Investing—where you can have both profit and purpose. Have you ever felt ... 

  • Helpless in making a difference because large companies are the ones that have all the power.
  • Angry with the way some corporations didn’t take into account their impact on their employees, the communities, and environments.
  • Frustrated when you see the downstream results of negative impacts from corporations in your hospital or clinic—diabetes and health issues from food with non-nutritional and unhealthy ingredients, cancers from known carcinogens in farming practices.
  • Infuriated with the systemic racism in financial institutions and employment practices, and continued widening of wealth gaps. 
  • Dismayed by environmental degradation and the companies that contribute to it and profit from it.

I couldn’t imagine there was anything I could do that would make a difference, as one single person. Not a billionaire, not the CEO of a large corporation.

But then I learned there is a way.

There is a way to make myself heard. There is a way to be a part of a powerful movement of doctors wanting to make change.

We are people who care. People who have devoted our whole lives to helping others.  

When we invest and spend and donate our money, are we just supporting those corporations and practices that are contributing to our anger, fear, and frustrations?

You can choose which companies you want to support, where you want to invest, and not expect to sacrifice returns. Being intentional and thoughtful with where we put our money can make a difference, and one of the most impactful ways we can do that is with our investments.  


I developed this Profit & Purpose: Impact Investing for Doctors course to share what I have learned with you, a physician who wants money to work harder for you and others.


In this course, you will learn:
  • What impact investing means
  • Why impact investing is effective
  • How impact investing is profitable
  • How to start impact investing
  • How to evaluate opportunities
  • Impact investing in retirement funds
  • Simple steps you can take to align your current portfolio.

With inspiring guest expert Holly Ruxin, CEO and Founder of Montcalm Private Impact Investing Firm, you will get experienced guidance on how to build your strategy. 

Holly earned an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan.

She began her investment career at Goldman Sachs, and continued with trade at Morgan Stanley, Montgomery Securities, and Bank of America.

In 2012, founded Montcalm in 2012 to provide wealth management services based on intelligent investing, authentic relationships, and integrity with the planet. Holly is also the founder of Trevor TCR, a foundation established to award philanthropic grants to support health, education, enterprise, and the arts.

In 2020, Holly was recognized as a World Changing Woman in Conscious Business by Conscious Company Media. I'm so thrilled and honored to have her share her expertise as part of Impact Investing for Doctors!


This course isn’t just about catching up on financial literacy for physicians; it’s about getting ahead. 

If you’re looking to understand and find investment opportunities that are aligned with your values, this course is for you. 

If you’re a parent concerned with the legacy you’re leaving your kids, this course is for you. 

If you’re a physician who knows you could be doing better while doing good in the world, this course is for you.

Imagine feeling excited, inspired, informed, and empowered to make a difference with your money.


My Impact Investing for Doctors course contains all the data and guidance I have been researching and distilling down to the most helpful information, that finally made me feel hopeful and confident about my investing.

And now, with the help of this course, there is a movement that is gaining power and momentum, which you can contribute to. I have been so encouraged to learn about how much has already changed, and how you can contribute to further that change. 


This is a wake-up call to your own power and influence, and an invitation to align your values and that power.

You can imagine a better world, where you support those that have a positive influence.

You will feel galvanized, and have a strong internal urge to act and make the difference that you can.

You will feel optimistic about the future and ready to build on the positive impact and change already being made.


Impact Investing for Doctors

Your simplified guide to actionable and concrete steps to move forward with your giving power and renew your sense of purpose.

YOU can do well while doing good.



Included in your purchase:

  • Lifetime course access to this 4-module course.
  • A comprehensive walk-through of what you need to know about Impact Investing, tailored specifically for physicians.
  • Expert guest insights from an award-winning Impact Investor.
  • A simple and effective step-by-step, self paced guide to start Impact Investing.
  • Access to an exclusive, members-only Facebook group.

Recha Bergstrom, MD

Radiologist and Founder of The Physician Philanthropist

I am a practicing radiologist in Northern California specializing in Women’s Imaging.

I'm founder of The Physician Philanthropist, providing education and coaching for physicians to develop effective philanthropy plans with the greatest personal, community, and worldwide impact.

A mom of three, I'm also a wife, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

My goal is to help physicians like you be the change you want to see in the world and feel empowered and inspired to learn many ways to live your values.

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