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donate impact investing mission May 02, 2023

Guest Post 

By Felecia Froe, MD - Money With Mission

 When we think of donating, we generally think of giving my money away, right? Many of us do it for tax benefits and to help a particular organization. An organization doing something to change something we care about. 

I want to challenge you to change your thinking about how you use your money in this way. Instead of thinking of it as “giving your money away” think of it as another investment. 

We usually think of investing as a way to get a financial return, investing is not just about the money. I want to know that the money I am investing with the charitable organization is able to demonstrate a change, an improvement in what they are working to change. I don’t want them to just say they are making a change, I want them to show me how. 

For example, one of my favorite organizations is The Hunger Project. Check out their impact page and see how they demonstrate the changes being made by your investment. 

Another is Heifer International, their site is, of course, a bit different. But the information is there, you can see that they are letting you know how your investment is making a change. 

Your return on investment with these types of organizations is not financial, directly. Your investment is to change the thing that you want changed and your return is that change. Those positive changes have ripples and those ripples are what go out to change the world. 

Many of us do not have the energy or time to investigate these organizations. We know what issues speak to us the most and where we want to see change. The Physician Philanthropist works to help you find how to maximize your positive impact and to learn to use the power of your money, no matter the amount, to support the changes you want to see in the world.


Check out the Money With Mission show, where we introduce you to different opportunities to invest for financial return as well as have a positive social impact. 

This blog post is brought to you by our guest and member of the board, Felecia Froe, MD. Felecia’s company Money With Mission works with professional women who are ready to invest off Wall Street to create other streams of income AND want to have a positive social impact. They leverage every dollar to transform neighborhoods and generate profits for mission-minded investors. 

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