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In the overwhelm and excitement of Giving Tuesday and end of year fundraising, a lot of people wonder – where do I even begin? There are SO many worthy, timely and important causes, how do I choose the most effective organizations? How do I make sure that my contributions are not wasted, that organizations are not scams, or I’m just funding someone’s super-yacht and not actually helping anyone?


I have heard these questions from hard working and caring doctors that want to make a difference in their communities and in the world beyond their hospitals and clinics.  I also hear that they don’t have the bandwidth to do the research on all the opportunities presented to them.


 This is exactly why the Physician Philanthropy Impact Fund was established – to make it simple to make a difference. You can choose what positive impact you want to make with your money – what causes you care about most - and we do the work of finding and evaluating opportunities. We also follow up with you on your impact.


Our dedicated team of experienced professionals includes the Physician Advisory Group, utilizing their unique skills and passion to support evidence based and data driven decisions in maximizing impact - with integrity, respect and dignity.


How does the Fund Work?

  1. Choose a cause

 If there is a specific cause you care about, but you don't have the time or energy to figure out where to donate, or to evaluate and compare organizations – we are here to help. It's also ok if you don't want to choose a specific focus area - we can direct funds to the areas of greatest need for you.  

Our Physician Advisory Group is currently hard at work vetting and evaluating many effective and impactful charitable organizations to disburse funds to by the end of the year in the following cause focus areas:

Children & Education

Food & Water


Gender & Racial Equity


Human Rights

  1. Donate

Anyone can donate to the Impact Fund, in any amount – every dollar counts.  Donations may be made by credit card, check, wire transfer or donations of complex assets.  Please contact us if you want to make a year end contribution of complex assets.  

  1. Get a tax receipt 

You will automatically get a receipt emailed to you for tax purposes once funds are received. 

The Physician Philanthropy Impact Fund is a Donor Advised Fund.  It is a charitable investment account, where donors can get a charitable tax deduction for the full amount of their donation. 

  1. Charitable Grants Made Annually

The Physician Advisory Board is currently hard at work evaluating and choosing the Charitable organizations that will receive the grants in each of the focus areas (different causes) to be disbursed by the end of the year.  

  1. You will get Follow up with Impact Reports

We will be doing the follow up on the impact your contributions are making and we will send you an annual impact report.  That way you can understand the good your money is doing.



1.    Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, donations made to this Donor Advised Fund are tax deductible.  For details on your tax deductions, please consult your accountant.

2.    Can I choose more than one focus area for donations? - I care about a lot of different issues.

Yes, you can do that by making a separate donation to each of the areas you would like to impact, or contacting us with details of which cause areas you want to support.  

3.    I don't know where I want to donate funds, can I still donate?

Yes - you can either choose a focus area that you would like to support, or let us choose for you.

4.    Is there a minimum donation amount?

No, there is no minimum donation amount.  We believe that every contribution counts, no matter the size.


If you are feeling overwhelmed with options, frustrated with how many problems there are in the world, or helpless to make a difference, this fund was created to make it easy to know you are truly making a positive impact.  You can rest assured that your contribution matters and will make a difference.  You can also amplify your impact by spreading the word – share this with everyone, as together we can do so much good!



The Physician Philanthropy Impact Fund is administered by SDG Impact Fund, (Tax ID# 46-2368538). SDG Impact Fund, Inc, headquartered at 475 E. Main Street #154 Cartersville, GA 30121 is a public charity as described in the Internal Revenue Code Sections 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1), and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi). All money and property transferred to SDG Impact Fund, Inc. shall be an irrevocable gift to the charity. Donor Advised Funds Are Not FDIC Insured – Are Not Bank Guaranteed – May Lose Value. Always consult with your independent attorney, tax advisor, and investment manager for recommendations and before changing or implementing any financial, tax, or estate planning strategy.

You can be the change you want to see in the world through effective, efficient, and impactful philanthropy. Check out my course, The Physician Philanthropist, for a comprehensive education on and strategy for maximizing the impact of your giving both for you and your causes

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